Sunday, June 14, 2009

think of me.

you know what i miss most about being a child?
i miss childhood sweethearts.
did you ever have one of those?
i had one and i miss him terribly.
it is funny thinking about it now.
he hasn't even crossed my mind in the last four or five years.
and out of all the guys i have ever known, i miss and loved him the most.
he was so sweet and such a gentleman for someone so young. haha
i really believe that if things had been able to work out, that we would be together today.
it sounds so silly and naive, i know, but it was such an innocent situation.
i never even got to say goodbye to him.
me mum refrained me from ever speaking to him again.
she hated his mother because his mother was friends with my dad.
me mum did not want me to have anything to do with my father's friends.
so because of me mum's habit of holding grudges, i was kept away from the boy along with his family in which the friendship was very strong.
the past couple of days i have been wondering how he is.
sometimes i wonder if he ever thought about me too.
picture by me.


Morning Glory said...

I find it's always the people from childhood you long for the most. Also, sorry about your best friend leaving. Hopefully in the next part of your life, post graduation, you'll find someone similar to connect with.

Noshabelle said...

Well, I can't actually say that I had a childhood sweetheart. We were never sweethearts, we were only good friends. :) But me and him would never work out.

I hope you one day can meet him! I really do. xoxo

alexandra jane said...

thanks MG, i hope so too. and N, having a good friend when you are little is important. especially a guy friend. :)

Hoài Thu said...

yes he is thinking about you.

Hoài Thu said...

A very big hug to you beautiful!

alexandra jane said...

aww thank you. :) <3