Monday, December 15, 2008


good morning. actually i didn't get to sleep 'til 4:30 in the mornnig and i am still so tired! but it's okay.
i suppose now would be the time to tell you a little about me.
i am a girl of 18.
i am a senior.
i plan on going to art school.
i love looking at photos of different things.
i love drawing.
i am very opinionated so when i have something to say i will no matter what people think.
i am a very deep thinker.
i love music.
i hate silence.
avril lavigne is my role model.
i love scary stuff.
anything abnormal i adore.
love confuses me but i am learning slowly.
i need to be around people but i also love being alone.
i try hard not to judge people no matter what they are like.
i hate fakers.
i have no stereotype.
i wear what i want how i want it.
i don't follow trends.
i love movies.
i always have a question.
i have brown hair and dark brown eyes.
i am 5'3''.
i daydream.
i dream.
and i live them.

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