Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the moldy doily

one of my favorite blogs to read is of my friend kime buzzelli. don't you just love that name? :) her blog is called "the moldy doily" and is filled with her life. she is a fellow artist that has a unique way of doing her drawings and paintings. she creates mostly women and draws them diong the craziest things. they are very provacative, yet beautiful. she doesn't even plan what her art will look like, like me. while lookingat her art, you think it must have only taken her a matter a minutes to complete. i love her designs that she also creates around her people. she also designs her own clothing which have been worn by such celebrities as kate bosworth. she owns her own business where she can sell her art and other many things she creates. she now lives in the great city of l.a. with her fluffy cat georgie boy.

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