Tuesday, December 16, 2008

please... let me go.

lately i have been feeling as if my parents are holding me down.
i am 18 but still live at home so i can finish highschool.
but since i became an "adult" i feel as though my mother and father just want me to stay a kid.
i am a grown woman and very mature for my age.
i have always been more mature then all my friends and people my age actually.
i am so ready to be let free from home and take care of myself.
i can do it, i know it.
they just have to have faith in me.
they need to let me go cuz i just want to fly.
here is a little bit of a vanessa hudgens song that relates to this:
what you think about this?
yeah i've been holding it in now i'm letting it flow
what you think about this?
i'm gonna do my own thing yeah
i'm flying solo, so
don't tell me how it's gonna be
and i promise myself
i just wana be free!

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