Monday, December 15, 2008

lately i have been so inspired by the littlest things. being an artist who draws people (specifically women) i need inspiration. most of my drawings come from my head, but can easily be found on a similar picture. i can look at a picture but can never copy it. what i do is original and unique in my own way.

people have told me that my art has a very romantic feel to it. my women tend to be very sensual and beautiful even when i don't mean them to be. in fact, i never mean for any of my drawings to be like that. they just happen as soon as i place my pencil on the paper.

i want to one day continue my art with an artistic career. i am not quite sure what exactlyi want to pursue, but the more i create the pieces i do, the more i want to continue with it in my life. my biggest dream in life is to go to italy and study the art there and live there as well.

art is my passion.

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