Sunday, April 12, 2009

i am jack's smirking revenge.

today is sunday: the day of rest.
obviously me mum doesn't understand that concept and still makes me get up to go to church. i completely understand that it is easter and it is like horrid or something to not go to church on this particular day but still, i would rather sleep than go.
i am so going to hell.
when i got to church i found that my purple hair definately was out of its welcoming state. people did not seem to approve of it. not that i care what anyone thinks though. i mean, that's why i got the hair color in the first place. but it was absolutely certain that i was out of my league according to everyone in my church. only one person complimented it while meanwhile i got disapproving stares from the older ladies and men.
smile and wave girl, smile and wave.
when i got home me mum forced me to watch this excruciatingly boring half hour segment on the life of christ. and let me tell you, not only had i seen that video like fifty times, i also just happened to already know everything it was talking about. i mean come on, does me mum really believe that i don't already learn this stuff every bloody week when she makes me endure the lessons over and over again on sundays?
something i do not understand with me mum is that she forces religion on me as if i am going to become a satan worshipper the second i move out in a couple of months. and not just with religion does she do this. no, she also tends to be really, abnormally strict. i mean, she has always had her stupid underage guidelines for me. but lately she is becoming over the top senial. seriously if i knew she wasn't me mum i would've thought that she just escaped from the crazy place. even my sis and poppa who doesn't even live with me notice it. then again maybe me poppa is just expressing how he has always felt about me mum before they divorced. she is going insane and trying to drag me down with her. i think she is the one who needs to be on medication. wait. she already is.
i think i am dwelling in what is most commonly called "hell on earth."
but on a lighter topic, me best mate jake came to pick me up yesterday to take me up to logan, which is about an hour away from "home sweet home." i want to go to college up there where he and me other close boy mates live and go to school. and can i just say now how much i love these boys? they are me best mates and i don't know what i would do without them. but anyways, he showed me around the campus and we checked out some apartments i might want to rent out. i rather die than have roommates. they rarely clean up after themselves and living with a bunch of girls is just drama. i hate drama. but it always seems to come to me. sigh. so i want a studio apartment or something just to myself so i can do what i want with it and only have to clean up after myself. plus i know how to actually rinse the bathtub after i bathe myself. then we went and got some icecream that was heaven let me tell you. we did a bunch of other stuff around campus (including painting easter eggs at jake's place haha) then we headed back own south to hang out with our other friends.
we went bowling and i got last place.
i suck ass at that game.
well, i think that is all for now. i hope you all keep daydreaming and have a very happy easter!
i got the dreamy picture from google images. seriously, that device brings up the coolest photos. you just type in the dumbest word and all these crazy images pop up.
i tend to be easily entertained. haha


setyourselfonfire said...

fight club? love that movie!

alexandra jane said...

yes. haha it is one of my favs. :)