Sunday, April 12, 2009

sleepless at 11

i can't sleep.
it is only 11 pm but i got school tomorrow.
i can never sleep.
my mind races and ponders on too many things at night.
you know when you go the whole day distracted by the many things in life and then darkness falls.
you lie your head to rest but to no avail because your brain starts to go all haywire with the things that are happening in your life.
and you can't control it.
you can't settle your mind just for a few hours to calm down.
too much shit in your life to worry about.
it's been hiding in the dark corners of your room until you are ready to sleep.
then it jumps all over you so you are full of panic and anxiety.
why does it happen to you?
why does it happen to me?
am i the only one that feels this?
i hope not....


setyourselfonfire said...

My husband has trouble sleeping too. You're not alone :)

alexandra jane said...

well i am glad i am not alone. thank you :)

alexandra jane said...
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