Wednesday, April 15, 2009

rain, rain go away.

good morning everyone.

it is six o'clock and pouring rain outside.

i am so sick of rain!

rain has always been my favorite weather but it won't stop!

it has been like this for months now.

rain rain rain rain.

i hate utah weather.

one day it'll be completely sunny and gorgeous outside and then the next it will be looking like disaster.

the forcast here is so unpredictable.

if it keeps raining like this we just might see a flood here (overexageration).

i do not want to drive to school in this crap.

sorry i keep banging on and on about this but aren't any of you ready for summer?
picture from google images.


call me glitter, little deer said...

oh really? so much rain? where i live it's totally sunny and warm outsite. like a great summer day but not to hot. and i don't live in california or something like that ;)
but rain was also one of my favourite weather but winter was too long, way too long.

alexandra jane said...

yeah it feels like washington down here! haha and where you live sounds like heaven right now! :) where is it you live?

Light and Writing said...

I love the rain too! But isn't that first sunny day so great! Don't drown in your flood!

alexandra jane said...

haha yeah it is incredible! :) and i will strive to survive in all this rain! thanks! haha