Monday, April 13, 2009

it's a beautiful day for copies and tea bags.

so when i finally got to sleep last night (which was around one to two in the morning) i was awoken by my alarm clock which seemed like only five minutes later. i was late to school again. can i just say that i am so ready for college in a couple of months. and even more crazed about graduating highschool in less than a month. i know, i know. i am sure that i say this quite often but i can not help myself. highschool is shit and makes life hell.
i went shopping at the mall on friday and got myself some new clothes. mainly because i am getting my pictures taken professionally not this friday but next. i am only getting them done because i am getting it taken for free. that is a big highlight of the month of april for me just let me say. i have never been photographed before and i am thinking that it is all very wicked.
so i bought this flannel shirt from american eagle on friday:

now ae is the only store i will go to that is preppy. and i can only get things that do not have the ae brand name on it (minus the tag). they can have some cool stuff i must admit. every once in awhile. haha well i wore it to school today and everyone loved it.
i love when i get to something first and then everyone is jealous. prideful you might say but then again i am sure you feel the same way.
but i was the only person in my school that owned the shirt. not for long though unfortunately. a couple of girls asked me wear i got it. what could i say? you couldn't get that kind of shirt at hot topic.... maybe i don't know. they don't sell a whole lot of flannel at that store. anyways, i told them and they all want to go get it now. i told them that there were more colors and they were all, "oh no, i think i want the gray too."
i hate girls that have to be just like everyone else. get your own gosh damn shirt. i got it first and to want the exact color and everything as me means that you can't be yourself or original.
am i right or am i right?
but then again i may have asked for it. i did tell them where i got it.
someone duct tape my mouth please.
i hope this week goes by fast.
me mum is going to a protest on wednesday. against the president.
i live with the spawn of satan i believe.
i mean, i completely understand if you don't agree with the government and all, but to go to the capital of your state to complain in person? seriously, this is how we get world peace? not my cup of tea.
and speaking of tea, that is what the protest is about. half the country is reinacting the "boston tea party." and they say they don't want to pollute the ocean. actually, they are just mailing teabags to the white house.
me mum is even making posters. as if my family isn't enough of a freakshow already.
me mum won't stop banging on and on about how this will effect my life.
as if.
yeah sure it might, but it isn't today. i think i will just let me mum and the rest of the old time colonists have their fun.
i am just going to go draw or something.
if i see me mum on the telly i will scream.
and cry.
whatever comes first.
i got the shirt from and the top picture from google images as per usual. haha
keep dreaming and stay "patriotic". haha


Morning Glory said...

Hmmm, that actually looks REALLY cool for American Eagle. I might have to venture in and buy one of those.

alexandra jane said...

haha that's what i thought! and yes you should! :)