Sunday, May 31, 2009

i hate sundays.

i am freaking bored today. here is what i have been doing all day:
taking pictures.
me and my sister.


A little Princess said...

Your FaceBook photos are stunning! When I'm totally bored I start eating junk and tear myself away with silly photographs. I love the black dress in the previous post, I can see it with HUGE jewelery! Have a fab week xoxo

Noshabelle said...

Haha, when I'm bored I'm reading a book or watching The OC. Cool pics though.. :)

Morning Glory said...

I hate when I'm bored(which is like ALL the time now). I try to watch a movie, read or look at sites. Although I should probably start taking pictures. Hilarity always ensues.

A. said...

haha, i love the pink mood. and it#s such funny which things we do when we are bored.

alexandra jane said...

Thank you A. and everyone else. all your ideas are great. haha, they are all actually things i try to do, except instead of the oc, i watch 90210 :)