Tuesday, June 2, 2009

come with me, into the trees... let's get away, just for one day.

this is an amazing "fan made" music video for shiny toy guns version of "stripped."

it is so wonderully done.

and to "morning glory", i listened to the depeche mode version and loved it too! :)


A little Princess said...

I love your taste in music. Your previous previous post - oh my gosh, it seems like a really impossible situation. Your dad, as much as I don't want to judge, seems as though he's lost his priorities. Maybe with space he'll come to realise that you're really precious, he might loose his girlfriend and her kids, but you're around for life, you're his daughter.

You should listen to the SohoDolls and the Ropes, I think you'd like the song "I don't like to get dirty"


Morning Glory said...

Haha, glad you liked it. I'm a sucker for Dave Gahan's deep voice!

karl's sweet child said...

your blog header is so coool!

alexandra jane said...

thank you a little princess, i hope you are right. and i will check that song out. :) haha morning glory, it is true. and thanks karl's sweet child. :)

Kate Tran said...

Wow! It looks just like a professional music video. This person needs to be hired by music producers!

alexandra jane said...

no kidding. :)