Friday, June 5, 2009

between the lines i saw the light but unfortunately it decided to hide from me.

i am exhausted.
can i just say that i hate sleepovers?
i mean, i think i am too old for them now.
i know some may say, "i will never be too old for that kind of stuff. i love being a kid"
but i am not like that.
even when i was around eight years old, i remember wishing i was older.
i was never a big fan of being a child.
ten and a half years older and i still feel the same way.
i guess certain situations in life force you to be like that sometimes.
all my friends are these happy, bright, youth-like girls.
they never want to grow up.
they love sleepovers, little makeovers, gossip, partying, ect.
i do not know how i ever got stuck with them. haha
i love them all to death but i am just so different from them.
last night was the big all-night senior party.
i think i was the only one from my school that did not go.
i am not a party person.
i mean, i love having a good time and i don't mean to sound "boring" or something.
i am just on the more shy and quiet side who would probably have more fun having a deep conversation than partying it up all night with men and flirty girls.
it just is not me.
whenever i have a sleepover at my friend's house i can never wait to go home.
and when i have a friend spend the night at my house i can not wait for them to leave.
i love spending time with people, but i am not willing to spend every moment of the day with people like my friends do.
i am a very independant person and have no problem spending time with myself and doing things myself.
the reason why i even bring this up is because my friend perlita spent the night last night.
she ate all my food, wanted to watch pathetic and unoriginal chick-flicks, and wanted to complain on and on about boys in her life.
it was so annoying.
i would say more but i got to go.
i got to do some stuff.
i hope you all have a great morning, afternoon, evening, or night, depending on where you all are.
by the way, my camera is broken. grr.
picture: me.


Kate Tran said...

I myself can't stand having people around 24 hours a day. I enjoy being all alone most of the time.
By the way, I think you are a great girl!

alexandra jane said...

i agree with you completely kate. and thank you, you are really sweet. :)