Thursday, June 4, 2009

it's the infectuous breath of life that keeps the angels moving.

good morning everyone.
yesterday was the last day of school and my last day of highschool.
now i just have to take a quick one to two week summer class to make up some past credits i never received.
been painting lately and excercising.
i am trying to get in shape for this saturday.
my friends want to go on this huge, long hike.
i haven't been hiking in years so i got to get myself together. :)
plus i am so clumsy so i am going to be tripping and falling on my face the whole time.
ugh, embarrassing.
i crave a white chocolate raspberry mint frap right now.
i think i am going to go paint or read or something since it is early and i have nothing to do.
sorry this post is so randomaly pointless but i really do not know what to say.
ever have one of those days?
those days when you just have no idea what to tell people?
i have them quite often.


A little Princess said...

My mind, often blank. Seriously, I just hear echoing, nothing. Sometimes I just stare at an empty page, so I turn on Maury or something pointless and there's meaning again. Congrats on finishing! xoxo

alexandra jane said...

haha thank you. and indeed i know the feeling. :)

Kate Tran said...

I always feel like I have no opinions or nothing to say in response to people. Anyway, I think silence sometimes is the best. Words are unnecessary.

alexandra jane said...

i hate words because i think actions speak louder. i DO have a lot of opinions but no one seems to listen to them around me. haha thank you.