Friday, June 5, 2009

andy warhol's muse.

can i just say that i love factory girl?
i want to marry sienna miller.
she is so beautiful.
this movie is down right hott.
i am watching it right now.
sigh. :)


Morning Glory said...

This is the ONLY movie where I think Hayden Christensen displays any sort of acting ability. He is such a terrible actor. It's a shame, because he is one of the most beautiful men on earth. He is so lovely in this movie. He's just a bad actor. I'd still go to that lake house and watch him throw away his bike though! Gorgeous!

A little Princess said...

I havn't watched this, why the hell not? I read about your sleepovers, I love the fact that I've moved away from peeps at uni, becuase as much as I love my girls, it's really hard to be so chocolate box cute with them all the time. Hey your sketches on FB are awesome, I'm moving house next month and once basic decorating has been done, I'd love a beautiful sketch... We can talk clams laterz, but what do you think? xoxo

Kate Tran said...

I love these photos, especially the second one.

alexandra jane said...

MG i agree! hayden is so gorgeous but needs a few acting lessons. :) ALP, wow what a compliment! yeah that would be so exciting! :) we can talk about this soon. and kate, i love the second one too. :)